Company Introduction

Company Introduction


Qianyou Chemical Materials Co.Ltd. (formerly known as Qianye Synthetic Chemical Factory), which is located in the hometown of Sun at-se---Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China, was founded in 1998. In 2011, Qianyou was moved from Dongfeng town to Minzhong town in Shazai chemical dluster with an area of about 50 acres. Oianyou Chemical Material produces 10,000 tons of Electron Beam Curing Resins as well as 6,000 tons of monomer every year.

The company's production is widely used in the field of wood, metal, plastic, glass, ink, leather, etc. After 19 years of concerted efforts, proactive expansion and continued growth, Qianyou Chemical Material has already bloomed into a collection of research and development, production and sales as one of the standardized enterprises. Its Business Division has been spread all over Shanghai, East China, Southwest China and Australia, while its production has been sold across the whole country, even to Southeast Asia, Australia, and Europe.

We always strictly adhere to the quality policies of "quality first, integrity, pragmatic, scientific management and sustainable development". We respect the service philosophy of "credit as prerequisite, technology as principal and quality as guidance, providing quality service for customers and society in the spint of "preciseness, pragmaticalness, unity, struggle and innovation"

In the future, Qianyou Chemical Material Co, Ltd. Will devote its concentration to integrate technology resources of the basic chemical critical materials. Meanwhile, we will establish a development&management mode in co-construction of technology projects, as to provide a scientific research platform for more technical staff with innovation capacity.

We have laboratories with standard configuration of 2400 square meters, We have well-found chemical equipment, which can provide quality services for the research of chemical materials and technical innovation. With the spirit of "win-win cooperation, develop together" , Qianyou Chemical Material sincerely invite all companies and research teams to develop various forms of cooperation. We look forward to your participation. Join us!

Plough the waves, sail the seas. Qianyou will continue to forge ahead and embrace a glorious and resplendent future!

Core Competitiveness

Our core competitiveness comes from good technological innovation capabilities, high-quality and stable products, and efficient production efficiency. Qianyou Chemical has a group of high-quality chemical research and development talents who are capable of synthesizing and developing special diverse structures. They can continuously develop new chemical materials to meet the constantly changing market and customer needs, and provide comprehensive technical guidance for development and application. The company has efficient production equipment, production processes, and a strict quality control system to ensure the quality and stability of products.

Development Concept

People oriented

Adhering to the development concept of putting people first, valuing the cultivation and introduction of talents, providing employees with a good working environment and development space, and stimulating their creativity and potential.

Technological innovation

Adhering to the development concept of technological innovation, starting from the research and development of new products and continuous improvement of production processes, we strive to pursue technological and production innovation, and focus on the technological innovation and promotion of radiation curing (UV) products. Improve product quality and stability to meet the constantly changing market and customer needs.

Sustainable development

Adhere to the concept of sustainable development, pay attention to environmental protection and social responsility, actively promote the development of green chemistry and circular economy, and achieve a balance between economic and social benefits.

High quality service

Adhering to the development concept of high-quality service, we regard meeting and adapting to customer needs as the driving force and opportunity for the company's progress. We establish a customer-centric research and development and production service model, continuously providing customers with innovative, development, and cost reducing solutions as well as the most cost-effective products. We always adhere to the long-term commitment of improving customer market competitiveness, providing priority solutions in innovation and product customization services, and are committed to creating successful opportunities for our partners. Adhere to strengthening communication and cooperation with various business partners, putting customers at the center, continuously exploring advanced solutions and concepts in the radiation curing (UV) industry, and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

International development

Adhere to the concept of intermationalization, actively expand the international market, enhance brand influence and intermnational competitiveness, and achieve global development.

R&D advantages

R&D Purpose

The core of our R&D activities is innovation, quality, environmental protection, sustainable development, and customer satisfaction. Innovation: Through continuous research and development, we drive innovation in the field of chemical materials and bring competitive advantages to our products and services. Quality: Committed to producing high-quality chemical materials, ensuring product relibility and stability to meet customer needs. Environmental protection: Pay attention to environmental protection in the research and development process, adopt environmentally friendly technologies and materials, reduce pollution in the production process, and improve the company's environmental image. Sustainable development: By developing sustainable chemical materials, we promote sustainable development and contribute to the future society. Customer satisfaction: Putting customers at the center, continuously optimizing products and services, improving customer satisfaction, and enhancing the company's market competitiveness.

R&D team/organization

The company's R&D team is a group of high-quality chemical professionals who are capable of synthesizing and developing special diverse structures, as well as possessing advanced production capabilities and continuously innovating application technology senvices.

R&D field

The company's research and development field involves multiple aspects, including but not limited to:①Chemicals: the research and development of various high-performance chemicals, such as monomers, UV resins, additives, etc., products are widely used in coatings, adhesives, inks, vacuum electroplating and other fields.②New materials: Develop new materials with excellent performance, such as energy conservation, environmental protection, functionalization, etc, to meet the needs of social development and technological progress High performance materials: Develop polymer materials with high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and other properties for manufacturing high-end products or key components Environmentally friendly materials: Develop materials with environmentally friendly characteristics to reduce negative impacts on the environment Technological innovation: Carry out technological research and development, improve the efficiency of production processes and equipment, optimize product quality and performance, to enhance the company's competitiveness.

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